02/20/17 04:58AM
How Old are you?
pretty simple question right? =D
02/20/17 08:36AM
just_a_prank_bro said:
pretty simple question right? =D

Read the following in metaknights voice.

I know if I don't want to answer I should not post on here but I'm keeping mine a secret as to protect my real identity.
02/20/17 11:11AM
You already know the answer, how did you think I upload 16,000 pictures on here then. So you already know the answer.
03/03/17 11:02PM
05/25/17 03:36AM
Fuck it i might as well tell since nobody else will, I'm 16 the legal age in Scotland which is where I live, I've grown accustomed to this site and do not want to be removed, I'm coming up for my 17 birthday, I started this account in 2014 but I left and forgot about it but over the course of late 2015 and 2016 I've met amazing people, so please don't take that away from me. Thank you for reading this

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