2016-02-24 02:22:21
>> #219987
Actually homosexuality in animals does occur, although it isn't common, it does exist.
2016-02-20 11:30:28
>> #219522
O.K. some folks are gay. This is not a problem.
Dogs are not gay, they demonstrate how to do it,
mounting each other, smiling broadly,
In view of bitches, showing how they would fuck them
when they come in season. Bitches watch intently choosing
the most dominant dog.
2016-02-24 01:30:37
>> #219983
2016-02-24 01:27:28
>> #219982
We need more rarity porn
2016-02-24 01:18:35
>> #219979
She is so fucking hot
2016-02-24 01:18:44
>> #219980
She looks excited to be sucking his dick.
Date Sep 23, 2015User lordkuyohashiRating ExplicitScore -25(vote up/down)
2016-02-24 00:56:39
>> #219978
That photoshop. >.<
2015-09-30 19:53:51
>> #199467
i want to destroy that sweet asshole
2015-09-25 15:43:31
>> #198730
Thats hot, but too bad the teddy doesn't have a cock in that ass
2016-02-24 00:55:32
>> #219977
Angie noticed through the mirror that the bathroom door was slightly open, and there was Marco's eye and dropped jaw having a peak at the back of her naked body. Seeing her look, he silently went away. Even if she was still naked, Angie quietly walked out of the bathroom and, approaching him from behind, suddenly pushed his trunks down! She grabbed his hands and tugged them both behind his back, then holding them strongly with her left hand, at his butt level. She then reached around him with her right hand, and delicately pushed his trunk's waist away from the tip of his penis, and left it fall down to his ankle.
She was still so amazed to see how such a tiny little piece of soft flesh could grow, in a real short time, into this long, hard, thick and straight missile-like organ!
She slowly ran her fingertips on the stem, around the glans, and along the underside, then all the way around the little sacks below. She took her time coming back to wrap her fingers around the whole organ, making sure her thumb and index would circle his glans by holding its foreskin around it. How warm and soft it was! She was standing against his back now, her tits squashed on his upper back, her left hand still holding his arms tight, and some of her fingers brushing against his warm round buttocks.
She started a very slow stroking movement on his penis, carefully keeping his glans covered with his foreskin. His breathing grew heavier. "Mom...are you supposed to...??" "Just this one time, Sweetie! ... you were looking at me?... You like to see me naked?" ... "Mom I'm sorry!...I'm just so eager to see, at last, what a naked female looks like!!"... "Don't be ashamed, Son ... and just enjoy this..." She proceeded to stroke him a little faster, increasing her movement as his breathing got heavier and faster; she extended her little finger down under his testicles, touching rhythmically his now tight little sacks, until she felt his pelvis give a push ahead, his young warm penis swelling in her hand, his mouth letting out cries of sheer pleasure, and his glans letting go of strong jets of white warm thick liquid that flew in large drops down to the hall floor, creating three or four lines of whitish gooey spots. She let go of his hands and wrapped his body to keep him from falling, kissed him on his head, while her right hand was slowing down and lightly letting go of some pressure on this beautiful young male organ dripping with semen.
2016-02-22 03:22:06
>> #219721
The babysitter says : "OMG!!"
2016-02-21 21:14:25
>> #219686
I want to seen more of this
2016-02-24 00:25:32
>> #219976
I'd drill Chel until she was about to pass out then at the last minute spray my cum all over her face.
2014-05-03 04:00:48
>> #130521
I wish I could take Tzekel-kan's place. I would drill Chel's tight pink taco then feast on it until she cums twice.
Date Aug 23, 2014User mmayRating SafeScore 6(vote up/down)
2016-02-24 00:04:34
>> #219975
Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck! Take it all! Drain my balls!
Date Apr 21, 2015User homerjysimpsonRating ExplicitScore 5(vote up/down)
2016-02-23 23:50:15
>> #219970
And Flanders helped me study all the time after that
2016-02-23 23:19:53
>> #219962
- Love it. Your effort is greatly appreciated. Your body anatomy style me thinks is better then "The Fear". Please don't stop drawing. (& a good story line too). Here's a thought; how about a flash animation of just one hot scene?
2016-02-23 23:47:53
>> #219968
Didn't know Slenderman had Brothers.
2016-02-23 20:41:41
>> #219940
Yesss!! TWO boners!!!

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